RASC National Society Video: Robotic Telescope Project: Information Session

Robotic Telescope Project: Information Session

Curious about what’s happening with the Robotic Telescope Project?

Here is the recording of the webinar streamed live on Feb 19, 2020 discussing details of the project, including:

• An update on the project’s current status,
• A brief tour of the night sky, demonstrating how the telescope’s software works,
• An overview of the membership options that will be available,
• An estimated timeline and explanation of current delays, and
• A lengthy question-and-answer period, with questions from RASC Centre Presidents, VPs and National Council Reps.

Telescope intro: 12:38
Uses (astrophotography, science, outreach): 17:57
Membership structure: 35:20
Website demo: 43:49
Data access: 48:07
Telescope tour: 56:40
Q&A: 1:27:48

Find the links mentioned in this video below:
Telescope site: https://www.sierra-remote.com/
RASC Info site: https://rasc.ca/telescope
RTP for Classrooms site: https://rasc.ca/robotic-telescope-project-classrooms
Classroom Project Suggested Schedule: https://rasc.ca/sites/default/files/RTP%20Suggested%20class%20guidelines.pdf
SkyNews Article: https://skynews.ca/hats-off-to-teens-using-robotic-telescope/
Telescope beta site: https://rt.skynews.cc/
Data access: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1mrXIt3I6j5KZ6xpYgJsWuXmWjaMx99al