Video: DDO Mars Madness: Deciphering Mars - Dr. Bhairavi Shankar

Deciphering Mars

What is Mars really like? Join Dr. Bhairavi Shankar in uncovering the surface of the red planet from mountains and volcanoes to valleys and ancient oceans.

Dr. Shankar is a space scientist, an independent research scientist and founder of Indus Space based in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Working in a field that combines both space science, geography, and geological analyses, she uses a combination of spatial (location based) and spectral (light interaction) data collected from satellite missions to determine the geological history of planetary surfaces. This analysis is possible using remote sensing and cartographic GIS techniques. Previously, her research topics have focused on characterizing the morphologies of impact craters on several planetary bodies (Earth, Moon, Venus) using data fusion techniques. Beyond research, she loves to communicate the marvels of space science with the general public through outreach and education initiatives. Chairperson of Lotus STEMM and co-founder of WOCSCan, Shankar also values the opportunities to promote the role of all women in STEM and to inspire future generations to join the STEM community as a woman of South Asian background in the Space/STEM fields. As a GIS user, she is constantly exploring different ways to incorporate GIS tools and visualization techniques to share it with GIS users and learners! This was recorded for the David Dunlap Observatory Mars Madness Event held online October 11 and 12, 2020.