CAO COVID-19 Procedures

CAO COVID-19 Procedures

Provided here are pdf files that describe the CAO COVID-19 procedures that must be followed while pandemic restrictions are in place. The procedures listed are a mix of our own procedures, as well as procedures and guidelines provided by the Ontario Government and Public Health units.  Where a conflict between RASC-TC and ON Government procedures is noted, the Ontatio Government approved procedure shall be followed.

The detailed overview of how to use CAO during times of pandemic is attached here as a pdf, "2020 CAO operations during pandemic". For Member safety, those Members in tents and RV's will be allowed access to the upstairs and downstairs of CAO during inclement weather. Masks must be worn by all where physical distancing is difficult, and are strongly encouraged at all times. Once the inclement weather has passed, Members must return to tent/RV's as per the instructions herein.

The legal Waivers and Attestations, to be signed and returned by email prior to a CAO visit, are also located here.

Payment instructions for use of CAO by non-passholders is found in "CAO User Fee payment method".

Cleaning procedures, both during and at the end of your stay, are found under "Factsheet COVID-19 environmental cleaning" and "Cleaning disinfecting instructions". The CAO instructions will be useful to help identify cleaning agents and cleaning loctaions.

The list of documents is rounded out by reference documents, placed here for ease of access. Their file names are self explanatory.

One additional procedure exists that is not listed here, for privacy reasons.  RASC-TC has documented a process to follow that outlines our actions, per the Government of Ontario health and privacy laws, if we are notified of a potential COVID-19 case. We must take limited actions to collect data of the event for the Province and to notify persons who may have been exposed. We will also immediately close CAO.  Full confidentiality between Members is required and will be maintained. 

All contact tracing and further contact is under the jurisdiction of the Ontario Government and local Ministry of Health units, and once contact tracing is undertaken by the Government agencies, RASC-TC is not permitted to take any further action except as advised by those Government agencies.  Such actions may include a "deep clean" for the facility.

If you have been tested, you can look up your result here:

The Ontario Government and Minisgtry of Health process for case and contact management is outlined here: