RASC National Society: Self-Isolation Star Parties (ONLINE)

Virtual Star Party

Do you miss those wonderful Star Parties hosted by RASC, where you get to look at the night sky and learn about what's up there? We do too! That's why we're hosting online star parties for the next 2 months!

Join RASC Outreach Coordinator Jenna Hinds and Astronomy In Action's Ryan Marciniak as we bring you the night sky every two weeks. Weather- and Moon-permitting, we will also show you what's up there using The RASC Robotic Telescope in California! Stick around until 11:15pm ET or so for a live tour of the night's deep-sky objects!

Register here! Choose the specific events you would like to attend. If you don't yet know if you'll be free on a certain date, you can always click this link later and register once you know for sure.

Registration is limited to 500 people. If registration is full, you can watch the livestreams on The RASC YouTube Channel. Livestreams will start at the same time as the webinar.

Wednesday, March 25th

Wednesday, April 8th

Wednesday, April 22nd

Wednesday, May 6th
Our guest this week is Charissa Campbell! She is a PhD student at York University who uses the Curiosity Rover to study clouds on Mars.

Wednesday, May 20th
Today we are joined by Frédérique Baron, Education and Public Outreach Coordinator at the Institute for Research on Exoplanets, at the University of Montréal. She's sharing her knowledge of brown dwarfs with us! Afterwards, RASC member and author John Read shows us the night sky in Halifax.