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30 Astronomy Book Suggestions

Joel Dick reviewed "30 Astronomy Book Suggestions" from his reading experience and personal library. Joel recommended these books at the online Recreational Astronomy Night meeting, which was held on September 16, 2020.

The Sky This Month Sept 16-Oct 14, 2020

Chris Vaughan, a champion of the Sky This Month, takes us through a comprehensive exploration of the things to look out for in the night sky in the coming month.

Diffraction: Canadian Imaging Experts
Colin Haig, past president of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada and Director of Marketing for Diffraction Limited, takes us on a journey of the history of CCD and CMOS astronomical cameras and what the future may hold.
Getting my RASC Explore the Universe Certificate

Arushi Nath, a grade 6 student and member of the RASC, Toronto Centre, gave an impassioned presentation on why she is interested in Astronomy and what interested her to work on getting the RASC Explore the Universe Certificate.

Planet Party 2020

Even at home, you’re never alone!

A Picture in 1000 Words

Ever wonder what’s going on in those beautiful pictures you see on the news from space?

Methane on Mars: Fact, Folly, or Figment?

From the first announcement of its discovery in the atmosphere of Mars in 2003, methane has “punched above its weight” in our scientific imagination of the red planet.

gas giants and Moon for August 2020

With comet C/2020 F3 fading fast, we can return to Jupiter and Saturn, which continue to offer stunning views. Neptune is close to the Earth on 10 Sep and we are slowly closing in on Mars.

The Sky This Month Aug 19 - Sept 16, 2020

For the upcoming month, Blake Nancarrow highlights the celestial events of the night sky. Since his reporting period excludes any New Moons, Blake embraces some of the features on his least favourite target, the Moon.


Ever wondered how you can get more out of your telescope observing? Ever hoped to connect with other backyard telescopes when the weather or your location is bad?